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Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solutions consist of flexible, cloud-based scheduling and reporting tools that give clients a consolidated view of their resources in real time.

Designed around a modular approach, they can be easily tailored to service a number of needs across a wide range of industries. Whether adapted to manage sports coaches, security, transport logistics or other assets, our tools simplify resource allocation and maximise productivity.



OnGuard is a logistics and reporting tool developed especially for organisations with a remote workforce. OnGuard increases visibility, allowing for real-time alerts and geotracking, as well as acting as a hub for administrative data.



OnSide is a monitoring tool developed especially for the sports coaching industry. As well as digitising reporting processes, OnSide safeguards sporting environments by facilitating risk assessments and allowing for the exchange of information in real time.



STM Security

STM Security Group Ltd is a security company and an experienced supplier of security solutions and customer service staff, operating in the UK. STM has implemented OnGuard to manage over 200 members of staff across 300 sites nationwide. OnGuard supports their administrative, operational and financial functions on a daily basis.

“...We always thought we’d save some time with OnGuard, but none of us had any idea it would be as high as 95% – I had to look again! Excellent product.”
— STM Security

Charlton Atheltic Community Trust

Charlton Athletic Community Trust is a football-based community engagement programme established by Charlton Athletic in 1992. Charlton uses OnSide to enable its sports coaches to manage over 10,000 attendees, helping them organise and safeguard their training sessions.

“OnSide provides us with the facility for real-time information sharing between all our stakeholders, thereby ensuring training sessions are conducted safely based on current information.”
— Charlton Atheltic Community Trust