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The Universal Utility


Sequestrum is a simple to use digital asset storage and tracking utility.  Providing a secure repository for storing assets within the blockchain, then providing the ability to monitor and report on activity relating to those assets.

Equally capable of running as a standalone service or integrated into client’s business applications.

With use cases from Music Copyright protection, immutable regulatory reports to high speed trading transactions, Sequestrum is truly a universal application.  

Sequestrum assigns a unique fingerprint for each asset as it is stored in the form of a cryptographically secure hash. This hash is used to compare new uploads to assets already in the system and will identify where the proposed upload already exists.  This is particularly useful when validating copyright ownership.

Sequestrum also provides a comprehensive search utility to identify specifics within stored assets, each asset or group of assets is stored in a Block, along with its relevant meta data. The format of the meta data store is user definable by media type and can include EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) , bespoke user defined fields or a combination of the two. 

The application is a hosted on a Mutual Distributed Ledger (MDL or Blockchain) platform, which is pervasive and permanent. The platform is globally available, verifiable, and provides a high-integrity ledger or journal of all transactions. 

One compatible platform has undergone independent performance testing in conjunction with the National Physics Laboratory and the Toronto Stock Exchange, which used the Atomic Clock to timestamp each transaction.  

The testing showed the system had a capacity to deal with over 25 Billion transactions per day, or approximately 288,000 per second, compare this to Visa’s Visanet system that typically processes 1,667 transactions per second on average, it is easy to see that our platform is more than capable of supporting the most demanding of environments.