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Trust in Media

Trust in Media utilises the latest technologies to provide solutions for creative rights owners and media content creators.

Trust in Media combines MDLs (Mutual Distributed Ledgers), more recently known as blockchain-based platforms, and smart contracts, to empower the global creative community and enable creators and collaborators to form  new digital ecosystems. These ecosystems reduce the costs to consumers significantly and ensures all processes are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Initially focussing on the music industry, Trust in Media aims to become the world’s leading copyright management platform for rights-based industries through the delivery of open and transparent systems.


Safeguarded Intellectual Property

Trust in Media gives its clients the ability to self-register their content, protect it securely and manage it. In doing so, it proves their ownership and alleviates the need for multiple parties, where most current systems require that proof of ownership is built into every transaction. 

  • Global, verified intellectual property
  • Immutable, affordable proof of ownership


Streamlined Digital Transactions

Transactions are conducted between clients and their customers. This means they set the limits on who has access to their work when and at what price. Revenues and royalty payments are automated, transparent and secure. 

  • Secure, smart contracts
  • Direct, transparent transactions 


Fair Transactional Reward

Trust in Media’s clients are at the centre of their own ecosystems. As transactions are performed directly they receive payments promptly on a monthly basis and earn more money per transaction, as operational costs are significantly lower than most existing processes. There’s no opacity, no confusion over control, and no delays. 

  • Swift, secure payments
  • Detailed, transparent reports


Building Digital Communities

Utilising blockchain, Trust in Media brings artists and fans closer together, building an exclusive members-only area for them to interact on a deeper level than today’s social media can provide. Granting fans access to exclusive behind-the-scenes, pre-release content and genuine interaction with their idols, Trust in Media  provides artists with the capacity to engage and enthuse their audience.


Bringing Technology Together

Trust in Media brings together world-class leaders in their respective fields to form a consortium that provides a powerful scalable platform whose architecture has been designed by some of the industry’s most highly sought after experts, with proven track-records. It includes the use of private and public blockchains, smart contracts, FCA-regulated payment technology and cutting-edge attribution analytics.

Our partners currently include Z/Yen, GCEN and Seed Media.